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The UCR ID (R'Card) provides an interactive ID card that facilitates commerce and access across campus and beyond. The high degree of integration with campus services enables the ID to respond and provide solutions on-the-go in real time to a wide customer base that includes faculty, staff, students, and affiliates.

Get an R'Card ($25)

Persons applying for an R’Card must come to the Card Services office in person and present proper identification for card issuance. A card fee may apply at the time of service. Please choose the appropriate service category from the menu below for more information.


The R'Card provides access to meal plans and secured facilities on campus such as residence halls and lab rooms. It is the medium for connecting users to services such as library borrowing, vending, printing, and renting laptops and chargers. The R'Card is a campus pass providing access to athletic games and special events. It also grants the holder free bus (RTA) transportation around town. The R'Card can be programmed to work as a debit card. By adding Bear Bucks dollars, you gain the convenience of expanding purchasing to include items both on and off-campus like grocery food, fast-food dining, text books, homecare and pharmacy items and even gas.

Receive your R'Card by...

Coming to Card Services Coming to Orientation
Active employees
Graduate programs
Incoming students not attending Orientation
Summer part-time students
Fall Freshmen
International students
Transfer students

R'Card issuance requirements - please provide:

  1. A valid government picture ID (see complete list)
  2. Have been issued a student ID or employee ID number
  3. Pay any fees for your R'Card. Accepted forms of payment includes: Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Sorry no cash accepted.
    • Students are billed directly to their R'Web accounts
    • Summer-only enrollment students pay a reduced $15 fee
    • Employees and Affiliates pay at the time of service

Directions | Contact

UCR Card Services
9 a.m. to  4 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Bannockburn Village I-101
(951) 827-2273 | cardingoffice@ucr.edu


Card Services at a glance


Incoming Students – Orientation

Fall freshmen, transfer, and international students will receive their R’Card at their orientation. You get to provide the photo for your campus ID by uploading it to myphoto.ucr.edu during specific timelines to ensure it can be printed and delivered for your Orientation. Please follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Find your Orientation session number and submit your photo between the upload completion dates listed on the table below.


Orientation Session Begin photo upload date Complete photo upload date
1-2 June 11 June 29
3-4 June 18 July 6
5-6 June 25 July 13
7-8 July 2 July 20
9-10 July 16 July 27
11-12 July 23 Aug 3
Fall Transfer Aug 6 Aug 24
International Student Aug 25 Sept 9
Winter Transfer TBD TBD

Step 2: Log in to myphoto.ucr.edu with your NetID and password

Step 3: Read through the "The ABC's of your Photo ID" to ensure you submit an approved photo. Card Services reserves the right to refuse any photos that do not meet our requirements. Failure to adhere to photo submission guidelines may delay the printing of your R’Card.

Step 4: If your photo is approved, it will be delivered to your Orientation and handed to you on Day 1. Be prepared to provide staff with a valid government photo ID so they can release the R’card to you.

  • Tip: Do not submit a photo any earlier then June 11.
  • Tip: Your default student email in MyPhoto might appear as a spelled out version of your name (i.e., john.doe@email.ucr.edu vs. jdoe001@ucr.edu). Both are accepted by the university. If you discover that your email is missing in MyPhoto, please contact Card Services: cardingoffice@ucr.edu
  • Tip: If MyPhoto is busy, try again at another time.
  • Tip: Take the time to submit the photo you're absolutely confident you'll keep. No do-overs!
  • Tip: Once you submit a photo, you'll receive an auto-reply letting you know your photo is under review to make sure it meets our photo guidelines. A second email will notify you if your photo is APPROVED or DENIED.
    • APPROVED: your photo will be processed for printing
    • DENIED: you'll receive an explanation with an opportunity to resubmit.
  • Tip: If you miss the orientation photo submission deadline, submit it anyway.
  • Tip: DO NOT USE MYPHOTO if there is a chance you won't attend UCR.
    Please be advised that MyPhoto requires each student to checkmark a box showing they agree to pay the cost of the ID ($25.00) before they are able to upload their image. If you're coming for Orientation but are unsure about attending UCR in the fall, our recommendation is to hold off on getting your R'Card early. You photo establishes your wish to receive the R'Card and once printed, you will be responsible for the card charge.
  • WARNING! Do not pose with firearms in your student photo. The inclusion of any weapon or other inappropriate item will be forwarded to UCPD and Student Conduct for review.

Claiming your R'Card at Orientation
Please be prepared to provide a valid government-issue picture ID (see complete list) when you pick up your R'Card at Orientation. Copies or pictures of documents are not allowed.

Move-In Day and your R'Card

  • Please bring your R'Card with you to Move-In Day, Sunday, September 23rd. The R'Card is your door access key and your meal card.
  • If you plan to live in A&I, Lothian, or Pentland Hills, but didn't receive your R'Card at Orientation, Card Services will automatically deliver your R'Card to your respective residence hall. It will be placed in your Move-In packet with your meal plan and door access loaded onto it. Please remember to bring a government-issue photo ID to claim it.
  • For incoming residents of A&I, Lothian, or Pentland Hills who still need to upload their student ID photo, you have until Sunday, September 2nd to do so via this link. If we receive your photo by this deadline, we will print your R'Card and deliver it to your respective residence hall. It will be placed in your Move-In packet with your meal plan and door access loaded onto it. Please remember to bring a government-issue photo ID to claim it.

Card Services limited hours on Move-In Day, Sunday, September 23rd

For residents of A&I, Lothian, and Pentland Hills who didn't submit an ID photo by the deadline of September 2nd, Card Services will open for limited hours on Sunday, September 23rd from 8am - 2pm. Please bring along a government-issue photo ID and your patience because long lines could be expected. Coming to Cards Services on Move-In day could interrupt your move-in day activities as well as delay your R'Card’s ability to connect you to your Residence Hall services in a timely manner.

If you are not living on campus:

You can pick up your R'Card when school starts from our office as soon as one week prior to the quarter. Please remember to bring a government-issue photo ID to claim it.

Your Student Card

Students not attending Orientation and graduate students may obtain their R'Card at Card Services one week prior to the quarter in which they are actively enrolled and after they have registered for classes at the University. If an R'Card is needed sooner, please bring a letter on Department letterhead signed by the administrative head or faculty member that provides the reason to issue the card early. The letter must include your name and student ID number.

You may upload your own photo or come in to Card Services and have your photo taken in person. Your ID will be printed upon your arrival.

If you live in residential housing or student apartments, your R'Card's proximity chip can be programmed to provide "contactless" access to buildings, doors, and gates. Access is provided by the RSO of your respective living arrangement between the hours of 8am and 5pm (summer hours vary). For lab or classroom access, bring your R'Card to the building administrator.

The card printing fee of $25 gets billed to the student's R'Web account (with the exception of summer enrollment-only students, who pay a reduced fee of $15 at the counter.)

Card Replacement
If you lose your R'Card, freeze it online at My Card Accounts to protect account assets. Card Services can replace your R'Card anytime for a $25 fee, but we recommend waiting 48 - 72 hours to allow time for it to be found and returned to our office. When we receive a card, we promptly notify the owner by email that it is in our possession.

Tip: All door, gate, and building entry rights (see "Access") must be applied all over again to the replacement card. If you work for Dining or SRC, please notify your supervisor to update KRONOS with your replacement card's information.

Tip: If your card is lost or stolen, you will be held liable for any transactions charged to your account prior to taking action such as deactivating it online or calling Card Services during business hours for help: (951)827-2273.

Preferred Name: If you go by a preferred name that is different from your legal name, you have the option of having it on your R'Card. You must change your name in the official University records (R'Web) before you request a new ID card. The updated information usually takes 48 hours to appear. Once a preferred name is chosen, it will override the legal name field from being printed.

Common Error: Beware of choosing a preferred first name that is identical to your legal middle name. Otherwise your R'Card will print a first and middle name that are identical.

Style: Check to make sure your name's appearance complies with common style standards: (Recommended: John Doe)

Disclaimer: Card Services is NOT an originator of data but receives it from authoritative sources (like R'Web). It is up to each student to ensure the correctness of their name, formatting, and spelling. Card Services does not take financial responsibility for inaccurate information once an R'Card has been printed.

Misuse of your R'Card
Your R'Card is the property of UCR and the use may be revoked at any time. Each cardholder is responsible for ensuring the security and proper use of their ID card. R'Cards are NOT transferable and should never be lent to others. Only the cardholder can present the R'Card for purchases, meal plan use, access to buildings, or for use of University resources for which they are eligible. Use of the card by anyone other than the person identified on the ID, as well tampering or alteration on the ID, will warrant confiscation and possible disciplinary action by the University.

Negative Accounts
For card balance accounts that result in a negative dollar amount (which happens when a register processes a sale in offline mode) it is up to the card holder to add funds to bring their account into financial compliance (i.e., a zero balance or greater). Failure to do so could result in a hold being placed on your R'Card or the sum sent to Main Cashiers for collection.

Proof of Identity
This university requires proof of identity before issuing a new R'Card. Please show a valid government-issue picture ID (see complete list). Copies or pictures of documents are not allowed.

Proper Usage and Care
It is the cardholder's responsibility to protect and maintain the condition of their card front and back to ensure durability.

Status Change
If your cardholder status changes (e.g., from student to graduate student), you will need to update your R'Card to receive library privileges.

Summer Part-Time Students

If you are a high school student or attend university elsewhere but plan to enroll in summer classes at UCR such as Summer Academy or Summer Sessions, you are eligible to receive an R'Card at a reduced rate of $15.00. This is for students who are here for the short-term and who do not plan to continue UCR in the fall.

Cards will be issued one week prior to the start of summer classes. Be ready to provide:

  • your student ID number
  • A government-issue photo ID (high school ID or driver’s permit OK for Summer Academy)
  • Payment by credit card: VISA, MC, Discover. Sorry, no cash.

Tip: If you enroll in summer classes but wish to continue your UCR education in the fall, then you will be charged the regular student new card fee of $25 and it will be billed to your student account.

Employee: Faculty, Staff, and Post-Docs

All faculty, permanent staff, and post-docs who are on University payroll, may obtain an R'Card. Your start date must have passed by 24 to 48 hours before your profile appears in our ID management system. The program is NOT an originator of data but receives it from authoritative sources of that data (i.e., PPS). Calling ahead with your employee ID number to learn if your profile appears in our system is strongly recommended: (951)827-2273.

Helpful Tips
  • Know your employee ID number BEFORE you come. We use this number that's unique-to-you to locate your profile in our ID management system. If you don't know it, ask your department's hiring specialist or find it here.
  • Upload your own photo or have your photo taken on site before your card is printed.
  • Present a valid government picture ID (see complete list)
  • $25 payment due at the time of service (VISA, MC, Discover). A department may choose to purchase your R'Card with a web-recharge. It is your responsibility to follow-up with your department to see if this policy applies to you BEFORE you come. Once an R'Card has been paid for with private funds, we cannot issue a refund.
  • When your employment status changes to one which is no longer entitled to campus privileges, your card will not grant you access to university facilities and services like the bus. Please contact your manager or HR officer if your employment is expected to be renewed. Once you know your restart date, access to the bus will be restored in about three days’ time and your R'card will automatically start working.
Affiliates, Visiting Scholars and Non-Salaried Positions

If you are a UCR community member but are not a student or an employee, you still may be eligible to obtain a UCR R'Card for campus identification purposes and/or to access university services.

Visiting Scholar
Affiliates who are not on University Payroll must have their sponsoring department fill out this form on your behalf: "Request for a UCR ID Card for Visiting and Non-Salaried Positions." This gives the department a way of introducing the individual to Card Services. A photo ID is required in order to obtain an R'Card. Driver's license or passport are the preferred documents. Payment of $25.00 is due at the time of service. We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MC, and Discover.

Early Childhood Services
A parent of a child enrolled in the Early Childhood Services (ECS) and who are not otherwise affiliated with the University, may come in to receive a proximity access card. Ask ECS staff to provide you with a "Security Proximity Access Card Authorization Form"; take this form which authorizes the parent to receive the entry card, to our office along with a Government-issued photo ID. Payment of $25.00 is due at the time of service. We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MC, and Discover. Take the entry card back to ECS to allow staff to program it with the appropriate access.

Groups – Schedule Your Visit

Due to the sheer volume of card requests over summer and fall, we ask that groups of five or more people interested in coming at the same time to receive their R'Card or professional badge, have a coordinator contact us first to let us know when to expect you. This will allow us to be properly staffed. If possible, please provide:

  • Date and time of group's arrival
  • A list of students' names with corresponding ID numbers. We'll review to make sure they are in our system.
  • Each student should fill the "UCR Card Request Form" and hand it to card staff at the time of service.

Contact (951) 827-2273 or cardingoffice@ucr.edu


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